Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Book Review; Greywalker

TitleGreywalker (Greywalker, Book 1)
AuthorKat Richardson
Tagsurban fantasy, series, ghosts, paranormal, vampires

First in the Graywalker series by Kat Richardson. Harper Blaine is a private eye who dies for two minutes after being attacked and afterwords has strange experiences. she finds a witch, Mara, who explains that there is a dimension between our world and others called the Grey. Ghosts, vampires, and other paranormal creatures have a presence in the Grey. Herper must learn to deal with the energies of the Grey and the creatures who are a part of it.

This book engaged me on a visceral level. It was like I was Harper, feeling the energies she had to deal with, and it was a strange and not always pleasant experience.... but I can't wait to read the next in the series.
PublicationRoc Trade (2006), Paperback, 352 pages
Publication date2006
ISBN045146107X / 9780451461070

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