Thursday, January 17, 2008

Book review: Atonement

AuthorIan Mcewan
Tagsfiction wwii
Your reviewMy book club read Atonement for the January 2008 meeting. I hadn't read very far into yet, and was not too engaged by it. The excellent reviews from the other people in the bookclub persuaded me to finish it, and I'm glad I did.

The book has three parts. The longest section is set in England in 1935. The second part is duirng WWII, from the British retreat to Dunkirk through some time later. The third and quite short part is set in 1999. In the first part a great injustice takes place. The second part is the experiences of two of the important characters during WWii, and the last wraps up what happened.

In hindsight, the story isn't what held my interest that much. The story of WWII was what captured my interest, and the power of McEwan's prose. It was mesmerizing.

Now I want to see the movie. ;-)..
PublicationAnchor (2007), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 368 pages
Publication date2007
ISBN0307387151 / 9780307387158

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